Things to do

You can do everything you want to in Eastern PEI. This is the real PEI to us. Its all about quiet beaches and hiking and paddling.
Hiking / Paddling
    Boughton River Eco Area (5 mins) 
        Whitlock Pond (6 or 7 mins)
    Macphail Woods  (30 mins)
    Hiking PEI 
    Sea Quest Adventures St. Peter's (20 mins)
    Morell River
        Mooney's Rearing Pond (20 mins)
I highly recomend the book
My wife gave it to me Christmas 2007, from this book we discovered Poplar Point, and the property was for sale.
Colleen had to have it !
Swimming - Beaches
    The Inn at Spry Point ( 6 mins)
    Rick's Fish and Chips (20 mins) St Peter's Bay 
    Cape Light (20 mins) Cardigan
    Famous Peppers Pizzas (25 mins) Montague
    Clam Diggers (20-25 mins) Georgetown
Local Interest
    Wool Mill, see the whole process.
    From hair to a blanket. Very Cool Place.